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The CPG Scoop Podcast

The CPG Scoop Podcast

If you’re looking for a fun way to discover what’s new and next in CPG commerce and marketing, look no further than The CPG Scoop. Hosts Jennifer Silverberg and Risa Crandall bring 40+ years of experience to a brand-new podcast that offers a joyful atmosphere to relax while gaining insights into the people, trends, and technologies in the CPG space.

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Recent Episodes

Josh Kovacs Shopper Activation Lead, Meta

Sept. 20, 2022

This episode of the CPG Scoop features Josh Kovacs, Shopper Activation Lead, North America at Meta. Josh shares his insights on approaching commerce in these “transformational” times with a mindset that is both partnership-…

Kathleen Perrault - Sr. Manager Shopper Marketing - Wells Enterprises

Aug. 9, 2022

This episode of the CPG scoop features Kathleen Perrault, Sr. manager Shopper marketing at Wells Enterprises. Kathleen discusses her career journey, which has included work on iconic brands such as Mac and cheese and ice cre…

About the Hosts

Jennifer Silverberg Profile Photo

Jennifer Silverberg

CEO of SmartCommerce

Experienced innovator with over 30 years of deep, international, cross-category experience creating brands that drive internal alignment, build external demand, and deliver profitable, sustainable growth.

Currently leading a team of nearly 100 exceptional, dedicated leaders who are making eCommerce faster and more fun for consumers, brands, and retailers.

Loves: challenging categories, disruptive startups, talented people, everything social (including media), data, listening, storytelling, FOCUS, and great ideas just waiting for insanely great marketing.

Risa Crandall Profile Photo

Risa Crandall

SVP CPG Strategy + Sales at Aki Technologies

As a very passionate, driven sales leader I have built my experience on driving sales for brands and which in turn builds revenue for the companies I work for. The experience I bring of technology, mobile, retail, consumer behavior and insights coupled with listening to clients needs and ideas gives us the path to build digital solutions that drive conversion and success.