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April 10, 2023

Bob Waibel, Sr Director Commerce Marketing, Conagra Brands

Bob Waibel, Sr Director Commerce Marketing, Conagra Brands
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Bob Waibel joins the CPG Scoop to chat all things Commerce Marketing with Risa and Jennifer.  Bob chooses 'Evolving' to sum up the marketing landscape and the changes that it is undergoing.  Bob, Risa, and Jennifer talk about the evolution of the term omni-commerce, and how it was once once aspirational, but is now table stakes.  Bob also talks about new commerce opportunities this landscape has unlocked with Conagra's iconic brands; including the Slim Jim Long Boi game, and Dolly Parton's involvement with Duncan Hines.  They also discuss their cautious optimism using the latest emerging MarTech capabilities like generative AI, and their experience building and empowering more connected teams despite being scattered across geographies.